If in Brussels, mark February 12 in your calendar!

That is the day for the Brussels’ Twestival – a festival for Twitter users in Belgium in support of charity: water, an organization that works to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. The idea is to gather Twitter users, meet face to face, not only avatar to avatar, chat, drink, listen to good music, hang out in the bar at Le Botanique – basicly have fun (and discuss your latest favorite digital tool:-)

I’m part of the group who is organizing this event, and you can follow our updates on the previous mentioned blog, at Twitter @BRUTwestival, and more details about tickets, the program for the event, the charity: water, sponsors, etc will follow soon.

The Brussels Twestival is part of a the worldwide Twestival, and last time I counted, 108 cities are arranging the Twestival on the same day, February 12, and all the money from the even will be donated to charity: water. Pretty amazing!

5 thoughts on “If in Brussels, mark February 12 in your calendar!

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