Finding EU blogs with the

How many EU bloggers are there? What are they writing about? What pisses them off? Why are they passionate about the EU? Find out by visting, a blog aggregator built by some friends of mine, Stefan, Jon and Kosmopolito.

The EU blog aggregator is following 281 blogs at the moment (if you know of more EU blogs, tell them), is in beta, is multilingual (blogs in 24 different languages, not Norwegian…) and is built in the guys’ spare time, economically independent from anyone. Very impressive!

It can and will become better, as more people start using it and report suggestions for improvements. You can also join the team by becoming an editor.

My favorite from today’s selected EU blogs: EUTwitty (1) – Let’s Twitter about the European Union in 140 characters by Julien Frisch. He suggests we should start describing the EU in Twitter-style, for example like this:

José Manuel Barroso is the uninspiring President of the European Commission who will be re-elected in 2009 because of his lack of charisma. (139 characters)

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