Your words – on a bus

Have you ever dreamt about making your own bus slogan? Or just want to see your name on a bus? Now you got the chance. A geek I haven’t heard of has made this funny bus slogan generator (inspired by the atheist buses). I couldn’t resist and made the one you see here – especially for my Norwegian readers. Whiny Brits inspired this slogan.

Now, get yourself started, hammer out a campaign! I would love to see your pictures:-)

3 thoughts on “Your words – on a bus

  1. The Norwegian blogger Pål Hivand has just used the bus slogan generator in a blog post with a great result. But how can I translate that, way too Norwegian, I warn you…

    A try:
    Tired of chant and irritating Lapps?
    Try Norwegianizing you too,
    just as effective as before.

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