Blogging brunettes (and some blondes)


Blogging brunette who sneaked into the "Think About It"- blogging contest (only for EU members). Photo: AlexanderTheGreat (EJC)

Lately, I’ve considered whether I should become a blond blogger. Well, not exactly. But it’s been interesting (and a bit sad, I must admit) to read about some of the most highprofiled girls lately.

Swedish blogger Blondinbella has more than 300 000 unique vistors a week. Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip’s blog has more visitors than the Swedish online community, Lunarstorm. Impressive!


In Scandinavia, the young  (often blond) female bloggers are high up on the lists. They write about “their lives with clothes, in good times and bad times” as one of the bloggers said it (Ulrikke Lund). And they earn money on it. Much more than I can say! Blondinbella sells ads for between 300 000 – 400 000 Swedish kronor (27 000-37 000 euro) a month. According to Twingly, Blondinbella is the most popular blog in Sweden, Ida Wulff is the 5th most popular blog in Norway. Here are a few more, Linnea Myhre, Ulrikke Lund (just stopped blogging, couldn’t take it any more)

Norwegian magazine D2 had an interesting article about the phenomenon recently.

I’m amazed by these blogging gals and how they have found a commercial niche. But they are also balancing on sharp edge, by revealing hugh chunks of their private lives, a decision that seems to give them lots of traffic, but also some serious problems. I wrote about the confessional Gawker blogger Emily Gould a while ago.

As you understand, I  haven’t dyed my hair, but I do once in a while write about clothes (or rather antishopping – the experiment is over, I do shop again, so don’t blame the financial crisis on me). But instead of letting all the blonds have all the fun, I want to drag your attention to some lovely blogging brunettes (ok, I’ve also included some pretty blondes, but guaranteed not lightheaded, favorites) that are blogging about other things than clothes, such as technology, media and politics.

Jill Walker Rettberg

Kristine Löwe

Iskwews hjørne

Astrid Meland

Clo Willaerts

Mindy Glover

Anne Juel Jørgensen


Ingeborg Vollan

Rebecca MacKinnon

Update: Helena de Groot

At the end, a very blond and beautiful Norwegian politician, Inga Marte Thorkildsen, has recently started blogging. Definitely not a blondinbella, but still, very pink web design!

(Attention – this blog post is inspired by Paul Bradshaw, who said in an interview in Journalisten that journalists must become famous on the Internet. I might dye my hair if this does not work:-)

6 thoughts on “Blogging brunettes (and some blondes)

  1. Utrolig bra innlegg! Tusen takk for tipset om den artikkelen på D2. Den var veldig interressant og spennende.

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  3. Just to put that figure into perspective:

    The websites of the following EU specialised Media:

    New Europe
    European Voice
    EU Observer
    Parliament Mag
    EU Reporter

    Collectively, do not achieve 300,000 unique visitors per week… as much as you write above that Blondinbella achieves.

    There’s some perspective for you!

  4. Alexandros, thanks for putting the Blondinbella numbers into a very interesting EU context!

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  6. Great post mayn, but I think you’ve missed the biggest blogger of ’em all. Blondinbella is going to lägga ner hennes blogg. There is a new blondinbella out there on the market at the moment.

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