Twestival – social media for social change

Photo: PHOTO: BENJAMIN ELLIS / REDCATCO (charity:water)

Twestival in more than 175 cities all over the world – it is incredible!

And all the parties will take place on the same day, this Thursday, Februar 12. I’m part ot the organizing group of the fabulous Brussels Twestival that will be located at Le Botanique. Hurry up and get your tickets!

Tweet, meet, give water!

In short, Brussels Twestival is several things at once:

– A massive donation event for the organization charity: water that is working to purify water and drilling wells in developing countries.

-A (un)conference about how to use social media for social change, with a specific focus on water. Here is the exciting programme.

-And of course a party – with three Belgian bands, Cachaï, and Amatorski.

Part of the reason why I’m so fascinated by this event, is how effective and quick you can spread a message with these new tools we now have available, and especially Twitter has great potensial as a disseminator of ideas. How would it otherwise be possible to organize a worldwide festival in more than 175 cities within less than two months? All based on voluntary work?

If you know of examples of other massive organizational efforts through Twitter, I would love to hear!

If in Brussels, see you at Le Botantique on Thursday!

Here are some more people talking about the Brussels Twestival:

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2 thoughts on “Twestival – social media for social change

  1. Social Media for Social Change (#SM4SC) has a collection of examples on their blog ( In October One Home Many Hopes has started a campaign – dubbed ‘Race to 20k’ – that was trying to raise $20,000 in 30 days. SM4SC had also launched a project with Jane Doe, raising over $20,000. Just some interesting past examples.

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