Heading for Berlin – Re-publica´09 and half marathon

Map Berliner Half MarathonSince I’m a fan of deliberative democracy, I’ll follow my readers’ advice in a previous blog post: I have signed up for the Berlin Half Marathon on April 5! And later this weekend I will also sign up for the Brussels 20k on May 31. Thanks for all your encouragement and advices!

At this point it feels a bit insane, but I know it will be a great and fun challenge. And while in Berlin, I will also attend Re-publica ´09, a blog/technology/media/politics conference which has the appropriate motto: Shift happens!

To judge whether shift or shit happens, is not always easy to differentiate. I just read this morning that Web 2.0 Expo Europe is cancelled, due to the financial crisis. Not good.

3 thoughts on “Heading for Berlin – Re-publica´09 and half marathon

  1. glad you decided to do both! It will be a fun rewarding challenge. I am wondering why the Nissan advertising campaign never spun their “shift” motto into shift happens? that is great!

  2. I hope you are right about the fun rewarding challenge:-)
    Shift happens could be the motto for most companies these days!

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