Blogging at Europabloggen and

This is the week of multitasking – not too unusual in my world.

I’ve started blogging at Europabloggen, a blog about Europe and EU, from a Norwegian perspective (sounds like a contradiction, you say?). Oslo/Berlin-based journalists Olav Anders Øvrebø and Dag Yngland are the two other contributors. As you can see, Europabloggen is just at its very beginning, and we will soon move the blog to a new platform with more stuff, but we wanted to start writing before everything was ready (what is actually finished in these beta times?). Today, I wrote about EU’s Cyberella (increasing number of women in technology) project.

Tomorrow, I’m going to write for Paul Bradshaw’s Online Journalism Blog from the Digital News Affairs conference here in Brussels. I especially look forward to hear Jeff Jarvis talking about how the economic downturn will and already has effected media.

Friday, two very interesting women are meeting at the Oslo Region European office for their tradition International Women’s day lunch. Marinne Aasen, a Norwegian Labour politician will meet Clo Willaerts, the brain and magic hand behind the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner. I’m going to moderate the discussion.

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