The confusing future of journalism


The Eyeborg project. A camera in an artificial eye - the future of journalism? Photo: Eyeborg

Every day now, there seems to be news about journalists being sacked. The financial crisis is one obvious reason, but the changing and unstable business models for media companies are other reasons for worries. Journalists are struggling with the same questions as musicians, filmmaker, writers, photographers, i.e. how to spread your work digitally, but at the same make money on your products?

I went to the Digital News Affairs conference in Brussels last week, and wrote a few pieces for Paul Bradshaw’s Online Journalism Blog: has all the details from the DNA09.

One presentation that I didn’t got the chance to follow, was the Eyeborg project. Funny enough, Eirik Newth at Fremtidsbloggen (a blog about the future) , who wasn’t at the conference, as far as I know, wrote about it (in Norwegian) two days ago. To give you an idea – a Canadian filmmaker wants so place a camera in his artificial eye. Now, that is reality tv!

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