Follow politicians on Twitter – in Sweden, Denmark, UK and US

TwittertingetIsn’t it amazing how fast ideas spread these days? Someone comes up with a good solution in one country, days or weeks later, you’ll find a similar solution in another country.

In this specific case I’m talking about websites that allows you to follow tweet from politicians. Here are the four I’ve heard about so far:

(Thanks @kimelmose for informing me about Twittertinget)

Any other Twitter + politicians-lists you are aware of? This list is screaming for a Norwegian Tvitinget/Stortwitt/StorTwitter/Twittinget!

Update: You can follow MEPs in the European Parliament at Europatweet (which I’ve written about here), and Norwegian MPs at Twittertinget.

5 thoughts on “Follow politicians on Twitter – in Sweden, Denmark, UK and US

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  2. There is also @europatweets ( to see all tweets from the members of the european parliament (and also candidates during elections time)

    And for the Netherlands.

    Great to see this spreading! It will definitely motivate more and more politicians to take on the Twitter bandwagon and be more transparent and participative! Love it 🙂

  3. Xavier, thanks for letting me know about the Dutch site, that was new to me. I’ve already written about Europatweets, I just updated the blog post with the link.

    Keep up your good work!

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