Ich bin eine schnelle Berlinerin

  • 1:52: 09.
  • Place 6470 out of about 25 000 runners, and place 141 among women in my age group.
Berlin halfmarathon

Photo: Olav Anders Øvrebø

That’s my numbers from the Berliner Halbmaraton this weekend. And just like last year, when I participated in my first proper race, Brussels 20k, I was very proud. Also when I did my second race, the steep Paris-Versailles.

Different this time, was that this was my fastest race (average 5 min 18 sec pr km), my  longest race (21, 09 km), my flattest race, my most perfectly temperated race, and definitely my most German race (we were served alcohol free beer as we passed the finish line).

Thanks to Olav Anders and Sissel for your generosity, Jon for bringing me along to the political prison Berlin HohenScönhausen the day before the race (while seeing the chilling prison, I completely forgot my nervousness before the race), Clint Eastwood for a different and surprising movie, Gran Torino, my Twitter friends for giving me a digital clap on my shoulder, to my running group in Brussels, and my family for cheering on me through the phone.

4 thoughts on “Ich bin eine schnelle Berlinerin

  1. Thanks, Eirik.
    Regarding 42km, I’m not ready, at all! For me to do that kind of training, that would be a lifestyle change. So at this point, I’m just trying to speed up my 20K:-)

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