Lovely links – about Twingly, Obarometer and stinky numbers

TwinglyHectic days, tons of ideas about stuff I would like to blog about, but not too much time. Still, I would like to point you to a few interesting things I’ve come across lately.

  • I would like to see more of this –  a Swedish political party, Folkpartiet, is using Twingly to link to the blogs that are writing about the party. The idea to open up the debate. I mentioned Twingly to a guy working for the European Parliament’s website yesterday, I would love to see EP (or other institutions, companies, organizations) starting to  use Twingly to better reflect and present the online debates that relates to the EP, especially in the election (just 3 more weeks to the EP election 4.-7. June).
  • Flemmish newspaper  De Staandard is Obama crazy, and has created a Obarometer ahead of the EP election (June 7 here in Belgium) (in English, via Google Translate). It measures political activity in a number of popular social media sites. Entertaining, but useful? (tips via Birgit Vartdal).
  • A brilliant Norwegian experiment has developed during the past few weeks, Delte Meninger (directly translated “shared meanings”, here in English) a blog about filesharing, copyrights, public data, etc. The site is supported by the Ministry for Government Reform and Administration, and a book with some high quality articles will be released with a Creative Commons licence next Tuesday (you can read and download most of the articles already). The site is built by the smart guys behind Origo, a Norwegian online community site where everyone can create their own communities (similar to Ning).
  • For open data freaks, take at look at the Open Knowledge blog. Maybe you can contribute?
  • Makthavare – a new political blog and wiki in Sweden, looks good. They also have a special focus on the EU election.
  • A good blog post with a brilliant title: Why comments suck (& ideas on un-sucking them) (about online news comments)
  • Some handy EU tools ahead of the election, VoteWatch (who are voting for what in the EP), ElectionCampaign (pin down your candidate). Parlorama could have been very interesting, but is down. The idea was to classifies Euro MPs according to their plenary sessions and parliamentary commission attendances (or more interesting, their lack of attendance). EUDebate 09, Cafe Babel’s (sponsored by the Commission) election site. Jon Worth has more about Web 2.O in the EP election here.
  • Within few weeks, the hard working people behind FarmSubsidy and FollowTheMoney will release a new with sites in cooperation with the Pew Environment Group – FishSubsidy. How stinky numbers will they dig out?

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