Naughty, naughty

I ain't your fucking sweetheart

Once in awhile I get contacted by companies or organizations that have discovered my blog because stuff I’ve written about, and they want me to write about what all the wonderful things they do. Most often I don’t. But yesterday I got an email from a French store, Locher’s that caught my attention. They probably contacted me because of one of the first blog posts I wrote, The online search for Odd Molly (which is nr 14 in the Google search for Odd Molly, and keeps sending fashionistas to my blog – thanks for coming!)

Locher produces sweet embroidered romantic tops with naughty, naughty messages. I completely adore them after checking their website.

Sweetheart Will fuck for shoes

“Will fuck for shoes” – a fashionista strategy in the financial crisis?

4 thoughts on “Naughty, naughty

  1. Hillarious! Must take a good look at these! Perfect gift idea for twisted friends…

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