Knocked out by the sun

This was just not my day.

It started with me dreaming that I forgot my start number and chip as I was about to start the race, and ended up with me quitting the Brussels 20K, far away from the finishing line.


Crumbled start number. Photo: Bente Kalsnes

The sun sucked all the energy out of my body, and it felt like I had nothing to give even from the start. I don’t know what went wrong. I had eaten well, slept well, haven’t been drinking alcohol lately, have trained steadily, and this was suppose to be my fourth race in one year (Brussels 20K last May, Paris-Versailles in September, and Berlin Half Marathon in April), but when I saw the weather forecast, I got worried. I’m a very Nordic runner, I prefer chilly weather, and with around 22-24 degrees today, my head and body said no.


Luckily, I met a super friendly runner, David from Grimbergen in his 50s who also quite because of a bad pain in his leg. He ran a marathon three weeks ago and we had a great chat while we walked away from the race and the other runners. If you read this David, have a fast recovery!

To my Twitter followers and Facebook friends who wished me luck and recommended me fabulous music suggestion (@condontm, @carstenhp, @tgeriksen, @esandquist, @bjornario, @sindreholme, @geirls, Mindy, Ingrid) , thanks a lot, but not even groovy rhythms could help me today. I will do my best to make a terrific comeback at the Oslo Half Marathon in September!

Update: Some words of wisdom from my friend Mindy: “Some days we learn more from the runs we can’t finish than the runs we do.”

5 thoughts on “Knocked out by the sun

  1. Uffdå, Bente! Så utrolig kjipt, men herregud, når kroppen ikkje vil, så er det kroppen som er sjefen.

  2. Jepp Ingvild, sånn var det bare den dagen.

    Jeg har fått noen morsomme kommentarer på Twitter, må bare ta dem med her:

    @tennfjord, som blogger her, hadde denne fine: “Helt riktig at du ga deg! Klok avgjørelse. Har sett litt for mange menn med split-shorts og blodskutte øyne som ikke gjorde det.”

    @oovrebo, som blogger her, mente jeg egentlig var heldig, jeg ble i det minste ikke utsatt for en “twinjury” – an injury sustained while using Twitter:
    “Well, at least this didn’t happen to you.

    @geirls mente “You should have made a deal with G*d. :)”
    Det gjorde Kate Bush.

    Or as Aina said on Facebook: You quitting the race made me feel less lazy and you more human ;-). Anyway- next time you´ll beat them!

    Thanks, everyone!

  3. Feel so sorry for you. But it was the best you could do in that situation.
    It was very hot indeed. I ran in 2h04 but felt like I was going to die.
    Take care.

  4. Kjedelig! Skulle ha tipsa deg om isbit-trikset.
    Fyll en caps med isbiter, da holder hodet seg kaldt.
    Bedre lykke neste löp.


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