New city, new job – Oslo, Origo

I’m leaving Brussels this weekend, as I’m moving back to Oslo after three years in Belgium.

OrigoIt is not easy to leave a place after so many good years here, just as it was hard to leave Washington DC after three years there in 2002. But it’s time to go back to Norway and start up in a new job. I will join the smart geeks at Origo, a Norwegian internet company that builds online communities (similar to Ning). I’m starting as a consultant, where one of my main tasks will be to communicate the message about Origo to a bigger audience.

This will mean a goodbye to journalism for now, but definitively not a goodbye to writing and opinions about technology, media and politics. I will keep on blogging, of course, but where and how much, I’m not sure yet. As you might know, I’m also blogging at the Personal Democracy Forum Europe blog (about tech and politics) and at the Norwegian Europabloggen (about EU). If you are interested in politics, technology and new media, as most of my readers are, remember to sign up for the PdF conference in Barcelona, Nov 20-21!

Now, back to the packing.

7 thoughts on “New city, new job – Oslo, Origo

  1. Well, it was nice to meet you! Maybe when you visit Belgium you can come to a Girl Geek Dinner? Have fun in Norway with your new job!

  2. Oslo is an exciting place to be at the minute. I’m sure you won’t regret coming back! I moved here last October and don’t regret it at all.

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