Stuff I’m doing these days

Dear friends and readers – huge apologies for my lack of  frequent updates on this blog this fall!

Photo: Bente Kalsnes

As I told you some months ago, I’ve moved back to Norway, Oslo, and I’ve started a new job as communication advisor at Origo, a social network and publishing platform. I love, love, love  it, but when the day is finished and the kids have gone to bed and I’ve done my last work things and read the articles my Twitter friends have suggested, it is already too late for blogging.

So therefore, a short update on stuff I’m working on these days:

  • Next week, Origo, in cooperation with the Ministry for Reform and Administration, is organizing a workshop/conference called Dugnadssamfunnet 2.o (my translation – the Collaborative Society – a workshop about innovation, digital tools and participation). Opera’s CTO Håkon Wium Lie is one of the speakers. Since I just came back from the always inspiring Personal Democracy Forum in Barcelona, this  feels like some sort of a mini-PDF for Norway:-) I wrote about the first European PDF conference (in Norwegian) here and here (in Norwegian).
  • I’ve recently talked with some contacts about bringing the Girl Geek Dinner concept to Oslo (something I’ve written about before). I’m sure it is doable, I just need to move some stuff (away) in my calendar.
  • I’m still writing a technology column for Morgenbladet and I will continue blogging occationally for the European PDF blog.
  • I’m updating the Norwegian Origo blog as well as  our Twitter account (I will return later with more details about the kind of work I do for Origo).
  • But mainly I’m waiting to go offline and start skiing into the Norwegian woods. The snow is still not here, but today it was -7 degrees…

Before the frost and ice came. Photo: Bente Kalsnes

6 thoughts on “Stuff I’m doing these days

  1. Keep me in the loop about bringing the girl geek dinner concept to Oslo, and I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to Pdf Europe. Perhaps next year my bank account will be fatter and my work schedule lighter, one can hope….;-)

  2. Girl Geek Dinners sound very interesting. I would definitely attend, and I’m pretty sure I could round up some other girl geeks to come with me. Especially if you mean “geek” in the broadest sense, like you said in an earlier comment. This is exciting – keep me updated.

  3. Kristine and Julie, great to hear that you are in regarding GGD! Beginning of January would be a good time to start talking about GGD, I will get in touch with you. Yes, geek in the broadest sense, from hardcore programmers to girls who like gadgets that make life easier and funnier.
    I hope to see you at the next PDF, Kristine, I’m sure you will like it.

  4. Just out of curiosity: Is the purpose of Girl Geek Dinner is to connect women tech people? Or is it share practices on how to enable organisations and leaders to implement strategies for retaining women talents?

    If the latter is the purpose, you might find Avivah Wittenberg-Cox of interest. In 2008 se wrote an insightful book on how to make the gender aspect of organisations relevant to business outcome.

    The link above links directly to a blog post about her book.

  5. Very Interesting artikel. Thank you!
    I learned here how to get a woman for dinner too 😉
    Greetings from Toronto!

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