What are the best examples of European techPolitics?

Americans like to think they are best and furthest ahead in technology, and specially tech politics (technology + politics), but once in a while, they have something to learn from the Europeans as well.

The best examples of European techPolitics is the topic of the panel I’m going to participate in at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York, June 3 – 4, my favorite conference on technology, politics, and media!

Photo: Optical, Flickr, CC

Jon Worth and I have already started the work and gathered several examples at this new web site, but we would love to get feedback from you on this topic. Basically, we are looking for smart ways politicians, government, organizations and activists are using technology to discuss, start campaigns, solve problems, create new services, develope ideas and new policy, interact with users/voters, etc.

Take a look at our examples at bestof.techpolitics.eu and if you have any suggestions, there are several ways to contact us; use the comment section here, on the web site bestof.techpolitics.eu, in Jon’s blog or contact us on Twitter (Bente, Jon). I’ve also written about the project in Norwegian at Origo-bloggen.

We will use the hashtag  #besttechpol on Twitter if you want to follow the discussion there.

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