PhD’ing and a tech politics reading tip

A quick update to tell you that I’ve started a very exciting academic adventure. For the next three years, I will work on the research project Social media and agenda-setting in election campaigns (SAC).

Academic food for thoughtAs some of you know, I started my PhD at the Department of media and communication, University of Oslo, in September. For me, this is a fantastic opportunity, as I have dreamt about doing a PhD since I finished my Master thesis at Georgetown University in 2002 (for more background, check my About page).

I will use this blog to test out ideas, write about stuff I read and ask for your reactions on issues related to tech politics, media technology, networks within social media and agenda setting.

Previously, I’ve written both in Norwegian and English. From now on, I plan to mainly write in English.

As part of the SAC project, I’m paying particular attention to innovation in tech/social media usage and funding within the presidential election campaign in the US.  I will soon return with a new post about that topic. In the meantime, here is a reading tip for others who are interested in this topic:

Politics Transformed (ebook by Mashable journalists)

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