Posted in January 2013

Learning about digital methods in Amsterdam

It’s January, cold and snowy in Oslo – what better then to spend four days in Amsterdam learning about digital methods? I’m very excitied about my chance to take part in the University of Amsterdam’s Winter School for the first time. The theme is  “Data Sprint: The New Logistics of Short-form Method” and in addition to … Continue reading

Norwegian researchers on social media

“Do you know if anyone has collected Norwegian research on social media?” That was a question I received on Twitter yesterday via a friend, and I’ve made a list to help.  For someone outside academia, it is hard to keep track of the research that exist, both because it is time-consuming to keep updated as … Continue reading

Open access and a suicide

You’ve all heard about it now, the tragic story of Aaron Swartz’s suicide last week. And I assume you’ve read many of the thought-provoking pieces that’s been written as well, such as: Lawrence Lessig: Prosecutor as bully danah boyd: Processing the loss of Aaron Swartz Wired: Aaron Swartz, coder and activist, Dead at 26 A very … Continue reading