Thanks to open public data and datajournalism, we got a diploma!

Datajournalism can be done with small resources in local newspapers. And you can even be awarded a diploma! 

Diploma from NONA

Photo: Bente Kalsnes

Yeah, a datajournalism project I did  last summer together with the regional newspaper Sunnmørsposten got honorable mention and diploma at Norwegian Online News Association (NONA) yesterday! You can read all about the prizes and the diplomas here, as well the article in Sunnmørsposten. The specific project that got the honorable mention was about pollution from shipping yards at Sunnmøre, on the west coast of Norway.

Basically, the idea was to see what kind of local datajournalism we could do with open public data, spreadsheets, Google Fusion Tables and maps, such as this (about the percentage of immigration to different municipalities at Sunnmøre.)

We started out with those tools, inspired by advice from Guardian and New York Times, among others (blog posts in Norwegian):

And here is the blog post and some wonderful comments that solved some of my problems with Google Maps and municipality borders (in Norwegian):

Thanks again NONA, and Sunnmørsposten for being so positive to the project!

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