About me


Digital politics and media is my passion, that’s what I write about in this blog.
I’m an Associate Professor at Kristiania University College at the Department of Communication. Previously, I worked as Associate Professor at OsloMet, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, the teaching courses related to digital journalism. I did my PhD at the Departement of media and communication, University of Oslo, where I was part of the SAC-team which did research on Social Media and Agenda-Setting in Election Campaigns 

The project aims to analyze the impact of social media on election campaigns from a cross-media and cross-national perspective, with a special focus on the US, Norway, Sweden and Australia.

My particular focus will be on innovation and funding in political campaigns, as well as social network effects in agenda setting.

When not work on academic stuff, I’m the proud organizer of the Girl Geek Dinners network in Oslo together with some other fab tech women.

When I started this blog, I was a freelance journalist based in Brussels. Previously, I worked as a communication advisor at the Norwegian social network, Origo.no based in Oslo.For three years I wrote for the  Origo-blog (in Norwegian), where I wrote about online communities, digital participation, open data, IT policy, new media, etc.

While I was in Brussels, I wrote about politics and technology for Norwegian publications such as Morgenbladet, Dagbladet and Mandag Morgen. One of my favorite topics is what happens when politics, technology and media intertwine. Before I headed to the European capital, I worked as community manager at dagbladet.no (figuring out blogs and Blink – an online community). I have also worked as a journalist at Dag og Tid, Dagens Næringsliv, Bergens Tidende, and the one and only student newspaper, Studvest.

I have a Master of Arts degree from the Communication, Culture and Technology program at Georgetown University and my bachelor degree from the University of Bergen. To learn more about my background, have a peek at my LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to contact me at bente.kalsnes (at) gmail.com


9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hej there, my dear ex-neighbour
    technology and media is fine, I do agree with you there, it’s an amazing topic.
    But (there’s always a but): would love also to read about the more ‘unfomfortable’ topics the European Union is facing today, such as the big Turkish Question mark, or the Kosovo cul de sac.
    Any opinions here?
    Take care, be happy. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Hej hej, old neighbour,
    nice to see you in my virtual neighbourhood!
    You have some good point. I’m sure I will deal with Turkey in the near future. While living in Brussels, where we more or less breath EU, Turkey is always on the agenda, in some kind of way.
    Kosovo is also a big and complicated issue, but for now, I’ve left that area to my husband. So far, he is not willing to start a blog about his Balkan expertize, but I will try to smooth talk him:-)

  3. I’m sure you will be able to!
    I have the impression this Balkan thingy will become a HUGE issue the coming weeks / months. Especially in places like the Basque Country or Osetia. And even though European politicians (I have some difficulties in calling them European Leaders) insist that this isn’t going to become a precedent, I just don’t believe it. Even Putin himself (!?) might have a point when he mentions the European double standards.
    Well, anyway; I’ll think about all this next week, while sipping margaritas under a mexican coconut tree. Salud!

  4. I was wondering if you could send me the e-mail address for your political blogger. I am writing from a British-based political website and wish to send you some information which I think you will of some interest.

    Many thanks,

    Esme Knight ~

  5. Spennende blogg som krever tid og ettertanke. Skal linke den om det er greit og det blir spennende å følge deg videre. Ha en fin kveld.

  6. Hei, Bente.

    Et kort spørsmål. Hvor har du tatt navnet Kalsnes fra. Er det fra stedsnavnet Kalsnes i Hadsel kommune, Nordland.

    Mvh Glenn

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