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Stuff I’m doing these days

Dear friends and readers – huge apologies for my lack of  frequent updates on this blog this fall! As I told you some months ago, I’ve moved back to Norway, Oslo, and I’ve started a new job as communication advisor at Origo, a social network and publishing platform. I love, love, love  it, but when … Continue reading

New city, new job – Oslo, Origo

I’m leaving Brussels this weekend, as I’m moving back to Oslo after three years in Belgium. It is not easy to leave a place after so many good years here, just as it was hard to leave Washington DC after three years there in 2002. But it’s time to go back to Norway and start … Continue reading

An excellent movie about Iranian bloggers

I will recommend everyone to watch this video about the Iranian blogosphere. It vizualizes what I wrote about in my previous blog post about Iranian bloggers. (via the Daily Dish and this Wired article about hacking in Iran)

The confusing future of journalism

Every day now, there seems to be news about journalists being sacked. The financial crisis is one obvious reason, but the changing and unstable business models for media companies are other reasons for worries. Journalists are struggling with the same questions as musicians, filmmaker, writers, photographers, i.e. how to spread your work digitally, but at … Continue reading

Blogging at Europabloggen and

This is the week of multitasking – not too unusual in my world. I’ve started blogging at Europabloggen, a blog about Europe and EU, from a Norwegian perspective (sounds like a contradiction, you say?). Oslo/Berlin-based journalists Olav Anders Øvrebø and Dag Yngland are the two other contributors. As you can see, Europabloggen is just at … Continue reading

An old friend with a new blog, a marathon and a poll

I’m always happy when I come across old friends that have started blogging or suddenly has a profile on Twitter (here is mine). Two days ago, I received a link from Ingvild Wedaa Tennfjord, a profiled Norwegian feature journalist in Dagbladet (portraits is her speciality) and at the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation, NRK.  She is always … Continue reading

Blogging brunettes (and some blondes)

Lately, I’ve considered whether I should become a blond blogger. Well, not exactly. But it’s been interesting (and a bit sad, I must admit) to read about some of the most highprofiled girls lately. Swedish blogger Blondinbella has more than 300 000 unique vistors a week. Isabella “Blondinbella” Löwengrip’s blog has more visitors than the … Continue reading

Finding EU blogs with the

How many EU bloggers are there? What are they writing about? What pisses them off? Why are they passionate about the EU? Find out by visting, a blog aggregator built by some friends of mine, Stefan, Jon and Kosmopolito. The EU blog aggregator is following 281 blogs at the moment (if you know of … Continue reading

Blogging competition

European Journalism Centre has launched a blogging competition, “Think About It”. The goal is to  get Europeans to THINK ABOUT IT and to express their views on Europe through an online blogging competition. More info here.

More on the Belgian Defense Minister

Bruno Waterfield in the Daily Telegraph (who also has a blog – thanks for the link, Bruno) has  written an article about the incredible story of the drinking Belgian Defense minister Pieter de Crem on a cancelled meeting in New York and the blogging barmaid (I wrote about it here). (Via Linda_Margaret on Twitter) If … Continue reading

Why I love Twitter and the readers of this blog

Have your communication patterns changed for the past year? Mine have. Enormously. And it’s an amazing ride. I got interested in the internet (and in technology in general) as I realized all the new communication possibilities, and how that would impact media and politics. This was back in 1996 (yeah, I know, I was quite … Continue reading

Time for linklove

I just wanted to say thanks to some kind souls out there for linking/recommending my blog. I got a friendly email from a group of Canadian digital culture students from the University of Lethbridge some days ago. Apparently, they like my blog and has started linking to it, here is their Digi-Cult blog. And a … Continue reading