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When everyone is a reporter – even donors

If your interested in journalism, citizen journalism and the future of media, here is an article you have to read (via eJour). Blogger and professor in Journalism, Jeff Jarvis and Michael Tomasky, Guardian’s USA editor, “clash” in this piece on the topic of citizen journalism/bloggers and what to expect from the new reporters. The backdrop … Continue reading

Journalism + programming = good stuff

As I was looking for something completely different (which is very typical for web searches), I found this great article in Columbia Journalism Review about Wiring Journalism 2.0. Its about how media adopts to new digital technologies, and one of the questions Brad Stenger (co-organizer of the recent conference “Journalism 3G: The Future of Technology … Continue reading

Newspapers suck

This is funny. A tiny Norwegian newspaper, Liernett, has asked young readers what they think about newspapers, and they answer – Alle aviser suger (All newspapers suck, directly translated)! Then the local newspaper Liernett decides to find out which newspaper sucks most – literally – with great help from a local science teacher. Take a … Continue reading

Useful for American bloggers/journalists

A legal guide for everyone who publishes online – pretty helpful if you live in the US. And now it exists, thanks to the Citizens Media Law Project at Harvard University. The guide is intended for “use by citizen media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in … Continue reading