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Learning about digital methods in Amsterdam

It’s January, cold and snowy in Oslo – what better then to spend four days in Amsterdam learning about digital methods? I’m very excitied about my chance to take part in the University of Amsterdam’s Winter School for the first time. The theme is  “Data Sprint: The New Logistics of Short-form Method” and in addition to … Continue reading

PdF – the European way

For several years, Personal Democracy Forum has been my favorite conference. It’s been the place where I’ve gotten most inspiration, met most like-minded people, felt incredible welcomed and always got my mind challenged. This was also the case at the recent PdF Europe in Barcelona. But more than before, especially compared with last year, it … Continue reading

Redefinition of the word PUBLIC

I’m at the Personal Democracy Conference in New York and after only one hour this seems very promising.This is the dream conference for tech, politics and media geeks. You can join in the conversation on Twitter at #pdf09 (at this point, 2538 tweets are written – a very talkative crowd, the biggest trending topic at … Continue reading

Tim Berners-Lee and the WWW 20 years later – some images

“Vague, but exciting”. Those were the words Mike Sendhall, Tim Berners-Lee’s boss, used when he commented on Berner-Lee’s proposal for the  World Wide Web back in 1989. Well, the celebration of the 20 years old web on Friday at CERN, Geneva/Switzerland was clearly not vague, exciting is a very appropriate word to describe the anniversary. … Continue reading

News from Amsterdam: Picnic08

What a cool conference! Picnic08 (for “media entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators”) is über-trendy and fun, but also very useful. I went just for one day, in order to interview Clay Shirky about his book “Here Comes Everybody” (I have written about it earlier). I also got an chat with Ethan “big geek” Zuckerman (ups, reading … Continue reading