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ABC of video memes

Curious about memes? I’ve written a column for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about memes, inspired by the fascinating article: An anatomy of a YouTube meme by Limor Shifman, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (The article in Morgenbladet – yes, in Norwegian) Hva: Mangelfull maskulinitet, humor og populærkultur er viktige ingredienser i de meste vellykkede Youtube-memene. Hvem: Limor Shifman, førsteamanuensis ved Hebrew … Continue reading

WikiLeaks: Lillebror ser deg

Jeg har ingen problemer med å se at Wikileaks er et fantastisk verktøy for varslere og media, et verktøy vi trenger. Men likevel er der et MEN. Jeg er for åpne data, men jeg er ikke en åpenhetsfundamentalist. Jeg er for ytringsfrihet, men jeg mener likevel en viss grad av konfidensialitet er nødvendig for at … Continue reading

Fantastic animations

I just came over the incredible work by RSA Animate today while I was reading Networked Power, a Norwegian blog about social media and innovation.This video explains Dan Pink’s argument that there are three factors that lead to better performance when we are dealing with complicated questions: Autonomy, mastery, purpose. You can dive into an … Continue reading

My favorite podcasts

“What is you favorite podcast?” I got that question from EUobserver reporter Leigh Phillips on Twitter today. The question came after we had a short discussion about EUobserver TV vs. podcast – eh, to be correct, there is no such thing as an EUobserver podcast, but I wished there was. I haven’t been a huge … Continue reading

Den svarte svanen

Jeg kunne begynt å skrive om alt det kule vi kommer til å bruke tiden og tastaturene våre til i 2010. «Brenn bøkene, lesebrettene tar over», «Facebook er sååå 2007» eller «Dine innspill til wiki-statsbudsjett 2011». Men historien har vist at mennesker er avsindig dårlige til å forutsi fremtiden; derfor skal ikke dette handle om … Continue reading

My favorite political cartoons

Have you ever wondered how it is to live in a modern-day “1984” society? Canadian-French cartoonist Guy Delisle tells you all about it in this wonderful little book, Pyongyang about the sad and fucked-up country North Korea, what he calls a “hermit country”. I gave it to my husband this Christmas, and ended up reading … Continue reading

Følg sporene mine

Vi avskyr overvåkning, men vi legger igjen flere digitale spor enn noensinne, de fleste frivillige. (Another Norwegian article, this time from Morgenbladet a week ago. It’s about surveillance vs. digital footsteeps we voluntarily leave behind). Dagens mest romantiske mail mottatt: «Jeg hadde tenkt til å fri, men så var du ikke online på MSN.» Denne … Continue reading

Hvem har tatt konsentrasjonen min?

Gjør teknologien oss dummere? Nei, bare mer ukonsentrerte. Og forstyrrelsen har en pris. Det kan ta oss 15 minutter å komme tilbake til en krevende arbeidsoppgave etter en epost. (Sorry to my international readers, but this is a Norwegian article I wrote some months ago about concentration, technology and social networks. Denne artikkelen har stått … Continue reading

Girl Geek Dinners to Oslo?

I’m a feminist, in case you wondered. And I think it’s time Norway brings home the Girl Geek Dinners concept. I’ll explain, but first, some background. Normally, I celebrate International Women’s day by going to a party (which has become a tradition in Oslo. This year, Ladyfest is celebrating women for 9 days!), but  I … Continue reading

Follow the Brussels Twestival tonight

I’m doing some blogging and twittering for the Brussels Twestival today, just came back from the European Parliament where Mikhail Gorbatchev, Prince Albert II from Monaco and Hans-Gert Pöttering talked about Peace With Water. Today I will test out liveblogging with CoverItLive for the first time, seems like a very handy tool for live reporting. … Continue reading

Twestival – social media for social change

Twestival in more than 175 cities all over the world – it is incredible! And all the parties will take place on the same day, this Thursday, Februar 12. I’m part ot the organizing group of the fabulous Brussels Twestival that will be located at Le Botanique. Hurry up and get your tickets! Tweet, meet, … Continue reading

16 technology books you should read

If books can remove the fear and prejudices, this is my attempt to help people understand and cope with the technological changes taking place within politics, media, academia, law, etc. Fear of openness, fear of collaboration, fear of “the people, formerly known as the audience” is something I hear quite frequently. I was asked to … Continue reading

If in Brussels, mark February 12 in your calendar!

That is the day for the Brussels’ Twestival – a festival for Twitter users in Belgium in support of charity: water, an organization that works to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. The idea is to gather Twitter users, meet face to face, not only avatar to avatar, chat, drink, listen to good music, … Continue reading

25 years with Mac

“On January 1984, Apple Computer  will introduce the Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”. Those were the words Apple used to introduce their now world famous Macintosh 128K in this video by Ridley Scott: I was never the owner of this little beige treasure, back in 1984 I had very little … Continue reading

Congratulations America!

Finally, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. The incredible long Bush years are over. This can only become better. I’ve celebrated the inauguration by wearing my nice Obama t-shirt from my trip to DC , made by Chris Bishop. Here’s a few good articles and websites about digital government – will … Continue reading

Lessons learned from mySociety

I have an article (in Norwegian) about mySociety, eDemocracy, digital tools and how Norwegian politicians are considering using these tools in Magasinet, Dagbladet today. Let me know if you have any opinions on these matters. Talking about mySociety  –  a Romanian web site about how members of the European Parliament vote (similar to mySociety’s TheyWorkForYou) … Continue reading

Will this phone change my life?

That’s the question I’m asking myself half jokingly these days. Or I could have said: iPhone, therefore I am. You see, I got myself an iPhone, even though it’s terribly late for those of you who are early adapters. I’m also aware everyone else is trying to kill iPhone, but I will give it a … Continue reading