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The problems with “free” public data in Norway

To make a mashup of public data in Norway  sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it is much more complicated. I’ve been involved in an environmental internet project with Edda Media (a fairly large media company in Norway), as well as Sunnmørsposten (a regional newspaper on the west-coast of Norway), and the restricted … Continue reading

Supercities and an interesting project

Next week, I’m heading to Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities with about 19 million citizens. It will be the largest city I’ve visited, with about 1 million more people than another big place I’ve been to,  New York (I’m using the metro numbers). I’m going to a wedding and is very curious … Continue reading

Car free day in Brussels

Yesterday was car free day in Brussels – a concept I love! The city really comes alive, and it amazing to see all the people everywhere, on their bikes, roller blades, strollers, feet. The whole atmosphere in the city changes, and instead of roaring cars, we hear laughter and chatting in the street (and once … Continue reading

Bellona’s advice regarding food and CO2 footprints

Recently, I wrote about The moral dilemma of eating pumpkin outside the season, and since I encountered some tricky questions while dealing with this topic, I contacted the Norwegian environmental organization Bellona for a follow-up question. I asked: Is there any food we (meaning living in Europe) should totally avoid because of the environmental costs … Continue reading

Mash up the environment

I’ve been looking at some environmental mashups today, several from this site, and they give some pretty stark images, either on the present situation or the future. Here is a site that is dedicated to the consequence of rising sea level on American coastal cities. Take for example a look at this image from Manhattan … Continue reading

Top 100 low carbon pioneers

Three Norwegian companies has been included in the CNBC’s magazine European Business yearly list of  “The Top 100 Low Carbon Pioneers”. They are Norsk Hydro (aluminium production), Rec Group (solar energy) and Statoil (oil). Statoil and Hydro have merged their oil and energy business, and they are called StatoilHydro. I think the list is a … Continue reading