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Babelic mockery of the EU

Having spent too much time in Brussels, I do think this is funny: ‘The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility. As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty’s Government conceded that English spelling had some room … Continue reading

Finding EU blogs with the

How many EU bloggers are there? What are they writing about? What pisses them off? Why are they passionate about the EU? Find out by visting, a blog aggregator built by some friends of mine, Stefan, Jon and Kosmopolito. The EU blog aggregator is following 281 blogs at the moment (if you know of … Continue reading

Artist poking fun at EU

Finally some fun controversy in the EU. All created by a huge installation in the EC Council, called Entropa, made by the Czech artist David Cerny (warning: Crazy website). The idea was to portray stereotypes of the 27 different member countries, made by 27 different artist from each of the member countries. Apparently, Cerny changed … Continue reading

Did Iceland receive an ice cold shoulder?

It is chilly in Reykjavik, only 6 degrees right now. And as all of us know, the Icelandic economy has frozen up, badly. It is so bad that even the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso sent out a statement regarding Iceland tonight (I can’t find it online yet, I got it through … Continue reading

Sarkozy’s “three-strikes-and-out” is OUT in EU

Good news for internet users – bad news for content providers (ex. IFPI and the recording industry). The French internet proposal to create a class of digital outcast, also called “three-strikes” (or graduated response) has been turned down by the EU, both the commission (Wednesday this week), and the parliament (September 24th). According to the … Continue reading

Help me update the list of Norwegian EU bloggers

These last few days, I’ve come across a few interesting Scandinavian EU blogs. Recently, Percy Westerlund (who is Swedish) , ambassador for the European Commission in Norway, started his own blog, which I think is a great idea. He writes in his first blog post (in Norwegian) that the blog is a way for him … Continue reading

The Icelandic love for the Euro

When everyone is turning their eyes toward the global economic crisis unfolding with epicentre in the US, a little earthquake is shaking things up on Iceland. A warned earthquake, though. I’ve been interested in the euro/EU discussion on Iceland for quite some time, and now, new Euro events are getting attention on the saga island. … Continue reading

The Kosovo/South Ossetia rethoric and old Europe

Problems for EU – right now and in the near future: EUobserver has a good article today about how EU and Moscow have switched sides in the retoric regarding independence in recent cases such as Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Do you have recommendations for good readings on the principle of “territorial integrity”? The European … Continue reading

Norwegian EU bloggers

The Norwegian EU delegation has a good article (in Norwegian) about Norwegian bloggers who are blogging about EU. When reading Norwegian newspapers, you get the impression that the EU debate is completly dead, but a little flame is still burning – online. Frode Dal Fjeldavli has also interviewed me for the article. The article  gives … Continue reading

Norway according to Margot Wallström

For those of you interested in EU, gender equality, Norway, blogging (what a strange mix, kind of like me…), you have to read Vice-president in the European Commission, Margot Wallström’s blog post, and even more importantly, take a look at the comments. She went to Norway a few weeks ago to participate in the debate … Continue reading

Report about EU’s ICT policy

I got myself some a nice piece of bureaucratic reading this evening. Today, the Norwegian EU Delegation published a report about EU’s ICT policy. I’ll get back when I’ve done some further reading – just one quick observation – why is this report published in Word, instead of PDF?

Who do I call if I want to call Europe?

I’m at the European Council meeting in Brussels right now, and have a draft of the presidency conclusions in front of me. Since almost all publications report on the big political issues such as Eu’s ambitious environmental goals, I thought it could be good to look at some other issues, such as my personal favorite … Continue reading

About EIT, the Koran movie and dirty editors

Some quick but good links is all I got time for today: The European Parliament has approved the establishment of EIT – the European equivalent of MIT. Commission President José Manuel Barroso says that “EIT is set to become an important feature of Europe’s innovation landscape”. I’m curious to see how this EIT invention will … Continue reading

8th of March for IT-girls

Living in Brussels, there are different ways to celebrate the International Womens Day, depending on your interests. Power Women attend this conference today, such as Condoleezza Rice, American Minister of Foreign Affairs. Women with less fancy titles and less abilities to start a war, such as myself, attend a “power lunch” with these people tomorrow. … Continue reading