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Running with a pink ribbon

I’m participating in the Berliner Halbmarathon this weekend (decided upon here), and I will run with a pink ribbon on my shoulder. I’ve made a donation to the Norwegian Cancer Society online, and have made my own bright pink ribbon for the occation. A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer some months ago, … Continue reading

My Ada Lovelace hero – guess who?

As you may have heard of, it is Ada Lovelace day today, an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology. Several months ago (via jill txt, who has written a lovely blog about her tech mum), I pledged I would “publish a blog post on Tuesday 24th March about a … Continue reading

Girl Geek Dinners to Oslo?

I’m a feminist, in case you wondered. And I think it’s time Norway brings home the Girl Geek Dinners concept. I’ll explain, but first, some background. Normally, I celebrate International Women’s day by going to a party (which has become a tradition in Oslo. This year, Ladyfest is celebrating women for 9 days!), but  I … Continue reading

Artsy ladies

First blogging brunettes, now artsy ladies – what’s next? Well, one month before women’s day, I’ll give another shout-out to some ladies, this time in Brussels. Two Norwegian friends of mine, Annebeth G. Hansen and Anne Cathrine Crawfurd are exhiting their creative power with a series of paintings, “Peinture”. Their styles are quite different, but … Continue reading

Heading for the Girl Geek Dinner

Tomorrow, I’m going to a very exiting event in Ghent, Brussels Girl Geek Dinner. As you can imagine, this is for geeky girls (or maybe girly geeks, since some men are also coming). The blog was created by this geeky woman, Clo Willaert (who has a really cool blog), and the dinner idea was apparently … Continue reading