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Artsy ladies

First blogging brunettes, now artsy ladies – what’s next? Well, one month before women’s day, I’ll give another shout-out to some ladies, this time in Brussels. Two Norwegian friends of mine, Annebeth G. Hansen and Anne Cathrine Crawfurd are exhiting their creative power with a series of paintings, “Peinture”. Their styles are quite different, but … Continue reading

Artist poking fun at EU

Finally some fun controversy in the EU. All created by a huge installation in the EC Council, called Entropa, made by the Czech artist David Cerny (warning: Crazy website). The idea was to portray stereotypes of the 27 different member countries, made by 27 different artist from each of the member countries. Apparently, Cerny changed … Continue reading

Money, money, money

The financial crisis hit Belgium hard this week, and our local bank Fortis had to go down on it’s knees and beg for money from the governments of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The bank is now partially nationalised. My father took this excellent picture at the National Gallery in Brussels this week. Help your … Continue reading