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Lessons learned from the Twestival

Another blog in my little mini-series, Social media for social change. The first blog post was about the Twitter storm that hit a small Norwegian school, Moltemyr skole, after some Norwegian Twitter users became aware of some anti-Darwin articles written by one of the school’s science teachers. Social media for social change (or if you … Continue reading

Your words – on a bus

Have you ever dreamt about making your own bus slogan? Or just want to see your name on a bus? Now you got the chance. A geek I haven’t heard of has made this funny bus slogan generator (inspired by the atheist buses). I couldn’t resist and made the one you see here – especially … Continue reading

The atheist buses stir debate

800 atheist buses are rolling in the UK, I’ve written an article about the campaign in Dagbladet (Norwegian). The debate after the article is quite intense, one of the commentators argues “Down with religion!”, another one shouts “Do you think there is a God in 2009?” One persons says that “this kind of campaigns send … Continue reading

The Atheist Bus and the web campaign behind it

A blogger friend of mine, Jon Worth, has been part in kicking off this fantastic campaign in the UK, the Atheist Bus. What started as a wild idea in a Guardian column written by Ariane Sherine (who also has a blog), became realistic after a photoshop mockup and lots of entusiastic pledges in the pledgebank, … Continue reading