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Congratulations America!

Finally, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. The incredible long Bush years are over. This can only become better. I’ve celebrated the inauguration by wearing my nice Obama t-shirt from my trip to DC , made by Chris Bishop. Here’s a few good articles and websites about digital government – will … Continue reading

Read what Barack Obama and John McCain are reading

Do you want to see what the American presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are reading? Use this new tool from Google, Power Readers in Politics. The articles they are sharing are of course carefully selected, just as press releases and commercials are, but still, this is interesting. You can also follow other pundits, … Continue reading

Obama, the tech candidate

Several of my friends have walked the walk from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama for the past few months, and Anne Juel Jørgensen has a very interesting revelation of her process. Obama clearly emerges as a different leader, who has not only inspired the West Wing (Olav Anders Øvrebø has a great video and analysis), … Continue reading

When everyone is a reporter – even donors

If your interested in journalism, citizen journalism and the future of media, here is an article you have to read (via eJour). Blogger and professor in Journalism, Jeff Jarvis and Michael Tomasky, Guardian’s USA editor, “clash” in this piece on the topic of citizen journalism/bloggers and what to expect from the new reporters. The backdrop … Continue reading