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An old friend with a new blog, a marathon and a poll

I’m always happy when I come across old friends that have started blogging or suddenly has a profile on Twitter (here is mine). Two days ago, I received a link from Ingvild Wedaa Tennfjord, a profiled Norwegian feature journalist in Dagbladet (portraits is her speciality) and at the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation, NRK.  She is always … Continue reading

Blogging competition

European Journalism Centre has launched a blogging competition, “Think About It”. The goal is to  get Europeans to THINK ABOUT IT and to express their views on Europe through an online blogging competition. More info here.

Lovely links

Here is my quirky stuff from the past days: Looking for a new job? I wished I could work here (in New York – you have to watch the video – what a cool way for a company to present itself) (via Colt Kommunikasjon) Want to learn more about the inner circle of Obama? Take … Continue reading

Blogging basics

I gave a seminar about blogging in an academic context in Norway recently, arranged by Forskning.no and as I promised the participants, I will publish my notes here on my blog. They are in Norwegian, so if you are not able to read Norwegian, use Google translate, it will give you a little clue of … Continue reading

Norwegian EU bloggers

The Norwegian EU delegation has a good article (in Norwegian) about Norwegian bloggers who are blogging about EU. When reading Norwegian newspapers, you get the impression that the EU debate is completly dead, but a little flame is still burning – online. Frode Dal Fjeldavli has also interviewed me for the article. The article  gives … Continue reading

Norway according to Margot Wallström

For those of you interested in EU, gender equality, Norway, blogging (what a strange mix, kind of like me…), you have to read Vice-president in the European Commission, Margot Wallström’s blog post, and even more importantly, take a look at the comments. She went to Norway a few weeks ago to participate in the debate … Continue reading

Exposed by the Internet – Solstad, Siegel and Gould

Have you ever felt naked online? Too much information out there, about yourself, your feelings, your surroundings, your private opinions? I was struck by the resemblance between these three stories yesterday, as I by coincidence stumbled upon some of them. And all of these three people; Dag Solstad, Norwegian writer, Lee Siegel, American critic, and … Continue reading

Why Carl Bildt is blogging

For a long time, I’ve been amazed by the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt and his blogging capacity. He has been the leading star of the political blogosphere I follow, and I wished more politicians could follow his example. But how does he do it, is something I’ve been thinking. How does he find time … Continue reading

The Euro blogosphere

For those of you interested in the EU/Euro/European blogosphere, Jon Worth has an excellent blog post about the movers and shakers. Start feeding your RSS reader! (Worth says that blogs that don’t have RSS feeds are not included, so if you write about European issues and you still haven’t gotten a feed, shame on you! … Continue reading

Killed by blogging

Have you felt some chest pain lately? Sleep deprived? A numbness in your arm? Gained or lost a lot of weight? And you are blogging? Then you should take a look at this article in the New York Times about the dangers bloggers confront.

Useful for American bloggers/journalists

A legal guide for everyone who publishes online – pretty helpful if you live in the US. And now it exists, thanks to the Citizens Media Law Project at Harvard University. The guide is intended for “use by citizen media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in … Continue reading