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Banking 2.0

As the financial crisis has hit harder and harder, and the possibilities to get loans have evaporated, some people have found possibilities in people-to-people or peer-to-peer banking. For us social network freaks, this is a interesting concept. This is literary social capital, where banks and other middlemen are cut out. The concept is not brand … Continue reading

News from Amsterdam: Picnic08

What a cool conference! Picnic08 (for “media entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators”) is über-trendy and fun, but also very useful. I went just for one day, in order to interview Clay Shirky about his book “Here Comes Everybody” (I have written about it earlier). I also got an chat with Ethan “big geek” Zuckerman (ups, reading … Continue reading

Diplopedia or how to share information in an organization

When American diplomats can share information in Diplopedia, why can’t Norwegian bureaucrates do the same? Or let information flow through the intrapedia (I don’t know if the word exists, but the idea is to combine an intranet with the wiki concept). Diplopedia is the U.S. State Department’s internal wiki (not open for the public), and … Continue reading

Off surfing (I wished)

Very little blog activity from me, these summer months. I wished I could blame the waves and the surf board, which is just partly true (add kids, hot weather, travelling, reading books, watching season 4 of The Wire – and you get the whole picture). I had a fantastic vacation in Biarritz (France), and soon, … Continue reading