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A survey of Scandinavian Techpolitics

Why aren’t there more techpolitic attempts in Scandinavia? Why isn’t there a Sunlight Foundation in Denmark, a MySociety in Sweden, a FarmSubsidy in Norway? (This blog post was also posted at Personal Democracy Forum’s European blog) That’s something I’ve been wondering about, since the Scandinavian countries have among the highest internet usage in the world … Continue reading

Ten steps to Wiki Government

I’ve been accumulating a blogging backlog throughout this summer – having tons of ideas for blog posts, but little time to write. Well, some of the ideas and insights I wanted to share with you, is a brilliant list written by Beth Simone Noveck. I heard her at the Personal Democracy Forum conference in New … Continue reading

My review of different collaborative tools.

A couple of day ago I wrote about my search for a good collaborative tool for idea/argument sharing. I’m looking for a tool which makes it easy to contribute yes and no arguments (without having to login) and later on, vote on the best arguments. I was recommended four different tools and here are my … Continue reading