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Girl Geek Dinners to Oslo?

I’m a feminist, in case you wondered. And I think it’s time Norway brings home the Girl Geek Dinners concept. I’ll explain, but first, some background. Normally, I celebrate International Women’s day by going to a party (which has become a tradition in Oslo. This year, Ladyfest is celebrating women for 9 days!), but  I … Continue reading

Blogging at Europabloggen and OJB.com

This is the week of multitasking – not too unusual in my world. I’ve started blogging at Europabloggen, a blog about Europe and EU, from a Norwegian perspective (sounds like a contradiction, you say?). Oslo/Berlin-based journalists Olav Anders Øvrebø and Dag Yngland are the two other contributors. As you can see, Europabloggen is just at … Continue reading