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Twitter – ikke for folket

I amerikansk valgkamp brukes Twitter primært for å påvirke medienes dagsorden, ikke for å nå «vanlige» velgere. (Article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about an article written by Daniel Kleiss, «Seizing the moment: The presidental campaigns’ use of Twitter during the 2012 electoral cycle») Hva: Forskning på presidentkandidatenes strategiske bruk av Twitter under valgkampen i 2012. … Continue reading

Norwegian election coming up September 9

Only 39 days until the Norwegian election is here, exciting days for us researching internet politics, elections, political parties and social media!      As some of you know, I’m working on the SAC project at the University of Oslo (Social Media and Agenda Setting in Election Campaigns). In the next few weeks, the group … Continue reading

Velgerne vant årets digitale valgkamp

Det er mye vi kan si om politikernes internettinnsats, men la oss glemme det nå. (Denne artikkelen står på trykk i dagens utgave av Morgenbladet. Fordi man ikke kan diskutere på Morgenbladets sider, legger jeg den ut for kommentarer her. Apology to my international readers, this is an article I’ve written for the weekly Morgenbladet … Continue reading

Norway says – share, but don’t steal?

A new initiativ by 2300 Norwegian artists and 37 organizations called Dele – ikke stjele (Share –  Do not steal, more info in English at TorrentFreak) is creating new fuzz. And I’m asking myself: Does that mean upload, but don’t download? Their main argument is to respect the copyrights. Legal filesharing is good. Piracy is … Continue reading

An excellent movie about Iranian bloggers

I will recommend everyone to watch this video about the Iranian blogosphere. It vizualizes what I wrote about in my previous blog post about Iranian bloggers. (via the Daily Dish and this Wired article about hacking in Iran)

My article from 2005 about Iranian bloggers

It has been incredible to follow the developments in Iran over the internet the last few days. Iran’s disputed presidental election has fired up one of the wildest social media protests I’ve ever seen. Within minutes, thousands of tweets are posted on the #iranelection and earlier tonight, I came across these amazing images from the … Continue reading

Frp mangler nettkoden

Frp har ikke knekket internettkoden. Vil internett ta knekken på tv-partiet Frp? Siv Jensen. Foto: Bård Gudim, Frp (Sorry to my international readers, but this is an article I’ve written for the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet, about the Progress Party, the second largest party in Norway, and their paradoxical use of the internet in the election … Continue reading

Obama, the tech candidate

Several of my friends have walked the walk from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama for the past few months, and Anne Juel Jørgensen has a very interesting revelation of her process. Obama clearly emerges as a different leader, who has not only inspired the West Wing (Olav Anders Øvrebø has a great video and analysis), … Continue reading

Obama in the West Wing

Several times, I have wished the reality was more like the West Wing. Apparently, the borders are blurring. In this article in the Guardian, the scriptwriter says he got inspired by Barack Obama after his great speech at the Democratic National Convention for John Kerry in 2004. “I drew inspiration from him in drawing this … Continue reading