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Hvordan redde mediebransjen? Noen innspill fra journalistikk-studentene

Mediebransjens problemer er velkjente: Lesertallene for papiravisene synker, annonsesalget synker, gigantene Google og Facebook tar store deler av annonseinntektene og brukerdataene. Kan journalistikk-studentenes forslag løse floken? Fremdeles leser nordmenn mye journalistikk: 82% av Norges befolkning bruker hver dag innhold fra norske mediehus, og 61 prosent leser norske nettaviser daglig. Mobilutgavene har en daglig dekning på … Continue reading

Søkemotorenes makt

Propaganda, filtrering og sensur tar nye former i søkemotorer. (Article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about the sociopolitical implications of censure and filtering of search engines, specifically Baidu and Google in China, based on article written by Min Jiang.) Hva: En ny studie sammenligner søkemotorene Google og Baidu i Kina.Hvem: Min Jiang, førsteamanuensis ved University of North Carolina.Betydning: Fortiden kan viskes … Continue reading

The Google imperium is 10 years

I doubt the two Stanford University students could imagine the magnitude of the company they started in 1998. This year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google can celebrate their 10 years anniversary. A interesting question is whether they’ve been able follow their own grand rule during those 10 years: “Don’t be evil” (Google’ slogan). … Continue reading

Read what Barack Obama and John McCain are reading

Do you want to see what the American presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are reading? Use this new tool from Google, Power Readers in Politics. The articles they are sharing are of course carefully selected, just as press releases and commercials are, but still, this is interesting. You can also follow other pundits, … Continue reading

Cool computers on Iceland

What do you get if you mix low temperatures, cheap biothermal energy and multinational computer companies? Iceland’s new growth potential. I just came across this neat article about Iceland, and how they are trying to convince Google and Microsoft and several other giants about the advantages of establishing data centers on the saga island: It’s … Continue reading

Forbidden to use Wikipedia and Facebook as sources

Agence France Presse (AFP) has banned journalist from using Facebook and Wikipedia as sources. Here is what the agency’s London bureau chief told a Lord’s Committee Wednesday: “Pierre Lesourd said that internal rules that governed the entire organisation prevented journalists from relying on many new ‘virtual’ sources for news. ‘We have internal rules that are … Continue reading