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Can open data win votes?

Some politicians seems to think so. Especially in Britain right now. Remember, there is a general election in the UK in June. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour) called for smarter government back in December when he presented the reform of public sector, assisted by the legendary WWW-father Tim Berners-Lee. Brown talkes about what he … Continue reading

Economics 1.0 for journalists

This fall, economics stopped being dry and boring (at least for me), and everyone started paying intense attention. Some even too much.  But what the heck is going on and is still shaking our ground? Why has the financial crisis (which has been called earth quake, monster, train) hit so hard, now? And how come … Continue reading

Following the Downing Street on Twitter

Gosh, this is fun. I started following Downing Street on Twitter yesterday, and I’m postively surprised that Gordon Brown and his crew have heard about this application, and actually is using it in their communication with the world. 9 minutes ago I got this twit: “The PM has left the building for a few days … Continue reading