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Datajournalistiske tips fra The Guardian

Den britiske avisen Guardian har vært blant de internasjonale forbildene for mange datajournalister. Simen Roger fra The Guardians Datablog har over flere år delt kunnskap som vi andre kan dra nytte av. Her er noen av tipsene han har delt i Perugia. Se tidligere bloggposter jeg har skrevet fra International Journalism Festival (Datajournalistikk og hvorfor … Continue reading

The new politics of the 21st century

I liked this quote from Timonty Garton Ash’ article in the Guardian yesterday: Twitter counts more than armouries in this new politics of people power: Probably the single most important thing the US state department has done for Iran recently was to contact Twitter over the weekend, to urge it to delay a planned upgrade that could … Continue reading

The Atheist Bus and the web campaign behind it

A blogger friend of mine, Jon Worth, has been part in kicking off this fantastic campaign in the UK, the Atheist Bus. What started as a wild idea in a Guardian column written by Ariane Sherine (who also has a blog), became realistic after a photoshop mockup and lots of entusiastic pledges in the pledgebank, … Continue reading