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Internet access as a human right?

The events taking place in Iran for the past three weeks have made me thinking about this topic. Would the situation in Iran been different if access to the internet was part of the UN’s declaration of human rights? Isn’t it time to start thinking about internet as a utility, as something that is so … Continue reading

The new politics of the 21st century

I liked this quote from Timonty Garton Ash’ article in the Guardian yesterday: Twitter counts more than armouries in this new politics of people power: Probably the single most important thing the US state department has done for Iran recently was to contact Twitter over the weekend, to urge it to delay a planned upgrade that could … Continue reading

An excellent movie about Iranian bloggers

I will recommend everyone to watch this video about the Iranian blogosphere. It vizualizes what I wrote about in my previous blog post about Iranian bloggers. (via the Daily Dish and this Wired article about hacking in Iran)

My article from 2005 about Iranian bloggers

It has been incredible to follow the developments in Iran over the internet the last few days. Iran’s disputed presidental election has fired up one of the wildest social media protests I’ve ever seen. Within minutes, thousands of tweets are posted on the #iranelection and earlier tonight, I came across these amazing images from the … Continue reading