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The Atheist Bus and the web campaign behind it

A blogger friend of mine, Jon Worth, has been part in kicking off this fantastic campaign in the UK, the Atheist Bus. What started as a wild idea in a Guardian column written by Ariane Sherine (who also has a blog), became realistic after a photoshop mockup and lots of entusiastic pledges in the pledgebank, … Continue reading

Stories to read

Bissy, bissy days, very little time to blog, unfortunatelly. But I’ve read lots of great stuff recently, and wants to share some of my favorite links. Recently, I wrote an article in Morgenbladet about a new law proposal that seems to make EU less transparent. While writing that article, I became aware of these two … Continue reading

The Euro blogosphere

For those of you interested in the EU/Euro/European blogosphere, Jon Worth has an excellent blog post about the movers and shakers. Start feeding your RSS reader! (Worth says that blogs that don’t have RSS feeds are not included, so if you write about European issues and you still haven’t gotten a feed, shame on you! … Continue reading