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Medienes svekkede portvaktmakt

Den «norsk-svenske»-debatten demonstrerer en ny hybrid mediesituasjon (Article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about a Norwegian-Swedish debate and the “The Hybrid Media System”, book by Andrew Chadwick) Hva: Boken ”The Hybrid Media System” Hvem: Andrew Chadwick, professor i politisk kommunikasjon, Royal Holloway, University of London. Betydning: Det hybride mediesystemet er en teori for å forstå hvordan politisk … Continue reading

Concerned optimism among online journalists

I’m not very surprised: “Journalists who work online are more optimistic about the future of their profession than are news people tied to more traditional media platforms”, according to a new report from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism A few more findings: These online news people also believe that the Internet is changing … Continue reading

Huffington Post’s new Investigative Fund

This is exciting! Huffington Post launched a new experiment yesterday- an Investigative Fund for journalism. The idea is that “This nonprofit Fund will produce a wide-range of investigative journalism created by both staff reporters and freelance writers”. As Arianna Huffinton writes: For too long, whether it’s coverage of the war in Iraq or the economic … Continue reading

The confusing future of journalism

Every day now, there seems to be news about journalists being sacked. The financial crisis is one obvious reason, but the changing and unstable business models for media companies are other reasons for worries. Journalists are struggling with the same questions as musicians, filmmaker, writers, photographers, i.e. how to spread your work digitally, but at … Continue reading

Three social media developments: Bild, European Citizens’ Consultations and Norwegian Facebook debate

Bildt, Germany’s largest newspaper, is partnering up with Lidl to sell cheap digital cameras to citizen journalists; EU has released a new citizen “portal”; Norwegian debate: can journalists be “fan” of politicians on Facebook? Bild wants to expand by using citizen journalists. According to Herald Tribune, potential Bild-citizen journalists can buy a digital camera at … Continue reading

GIJC continues – ABC of investigative journalism

I continue with some more notes from the GIJC conference. Here are my first notes. Nils Hansson from Uppdrag granskning (Sweden’s SVT) had an very systematic approach to investigative journalism.  In his presentation, called “The ABC of investigative journalism”, he bombarded us with do’s and don’ts, I’ve picked out those I liked best. First, there … Continue reading

Useful for American bloggers/journalists

A legal guide for everyone who publishes online – pretty helpful if you live in the US. And now it exists, thanks to the Citizens Media Law Project at Harvard University. The guide is intended for “use by citizen media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in … Continue reading