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The confusing future of journalism

Every day now, there seems to be news about journalists being sacked. The financial crisis is one obvious reason, but the changing and unstable business models for media companies are other reasons for worries. Journalists are struggling with the same questions as musicians, filmmaker, writers, photographers, i.e. how to spread your work digitally, but at … Continue reading

The Obama icon on sale

Less than four weeks before Barack Obama is inaugurated as America’s 44th president, he is everywhere – in the American stores. I just came back from a trip to Washington DC and Mexico City, and was amazed to see all the Obama products on display in DC. Obama is the new guy on the t-shirts, … Continue reading

Digital hijacked politicians

I gave a presentation recently about social media for the Green party from several European countries, among them the European Green Party, organized by the Green Campus. You can find my presentation here. Plenty of interesting topics came up, and one of them was what Austrian blogger and web designer Bernard Schmidt called “digital hijacking” … Continue reading

Lovely links

Here is my quirky stuff from the past days: Looking for a new job? I wished I could work here (in New York – you have to watch the video – what a cool way for a company to present itself) (via Colt Kommunikasjon) Want to learn more about the inner circle of Obama? Take … Continue reading

One week before election 2.0 – new tools

No, I not talking about the upcoming elections in the Czech republic, the Maldives, Lithuania or in Zambia, which are also taking place really soon. I’m talking about “that one”, the American one. I’ve been following the Techpresident for a while, a great read for everyone interested in everything related to politics and technology, and … Continue reading

Time to steal some ideas from Obama

Openness and transparency in politics is important. Very important. It gives indications of how legitimate a political system is. It gives us better possibilities to check whether the politicians are doing the job they already promised us they should do. The more secretive, the more suspect, in my opinion. New technologies are giving politicians new … Continue reading

Obama’s brilliant speech

Did you see Barack Obama’s race speech or what he calls “A More Perfect Union” speech yesterday? Wow, what a performance! He spoke about two of the most controversial issues in American politics, race and religion, and did it with such strength, confidence, but at the same time, humility. To get all the details, read … Continue reading

Obama in the West Wing

Several times, I have wished the reality was more like the West Wing. Apparently, the borders are blurring. In this article in the Guardian, the scriptwriter says he got inspired by Barack Obama after his great speech at the Democratic National Convention for John Kerry in 2004. “I drew inspiration from him in drawing this … Continue reading

Yes, we can – watch politics at YouTube

Ah, I love the political pop videos on YouTube, like already famous Obama girl. Here is another one of Obame Girl vs. Guiliani Girl, and what about this prank🙂 All produced by Barely Political‘s crew with foxy ladies. And recently, it is getting even more absurd. Did you know that America could be staying in … Continue reading