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New site for Europatweets

I wrote recently about how you can follow tweets from politicians in the American Congress, British politicians at Westminister, Swedish politicians at Riksdagen and Danish politicians at Folketinget. Now, you can also follow tweets from MEPs, Members of the European Parliament, created by Belgian Xavier, whom I recently met, and two others. The German politician … Continue reading

Digital hijacked politicians

I gave a presentation recently about social media for the Green party from several European countries, among them the European Green Party, organized by the Green Campus. You can find my presentation here. Plenty of interesting topics came up, and one of them was what Austrian blogger and web designer Bernard Schmidt called “digital hijacking” … Continue reading

Blogging on the radio

I was interviewed by Kurer recently, a radio program at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) about “Politicians in a Digital Culture”, based on an article I wrote for Dagbladet. Here is the podcast. I must admit, it is very strange to hear my own voice “from outside”, so I avoided for a while to listen to … Continue reading

Why Carl Bildt is blogging

For a long time, I’ve been amazed by the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt and his blogging capacity. He has been the leading star of the political blogosphere I follow, and I wished more politicians could follow his example. But how does he do it, is something I’ve been thinking. How does he find time … Continue reading