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Break a leg @jensstoltenberg!

Today, a tweeting Prime Minister made me happy. Not because of something political he wrote, but because Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister was about to go out running, in a public race (Holmenkollenstaffetten). He is part of the team at the Prime Minister’s Office, and he’s running the last leg of the relay race. … Continue reading

Ich bin eine schnelle Berlinerin

1:52: 09. Place 6470 out of about 25 000 runners, and place 141 among women in my age group. That’s my numbers from the Berliner Halbmaraton this weekend. And just like last year, when I participated in my first proper race, Brussels 20k, I was very proud. Also when I did my second race, the … Continue reading

Obama’s brilliant speech

Did you see Barack Obama’s race speech or what he calls “A More Perfect Union” speech yesterday? Wow, what a performance! He spoke about two of the most controversial issues in American politics, race and religion, and did it with such strength, confidence, but at the same time, humility. To get all the details, read … Continue reading