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Editor of Be Democracy’s Twitter account

This week, I’m the editor of the Nobel Peace Centre’s Twitter account, @bedemocracy Be Democracy is the current exhibit at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, related to how social media are changing society and challenging power. During the opening of the exhibit in June, I took part in a panel discussion about “Social media, freedom of expression … Continue reading

Det store bildet

MEDIEVANER Tv, nettaviser, papiraviser og søkemotorer er fremdeles viktigere enn sosiale medier for folks nyhetsvaner. (Article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about an extensive media usage study presented in an article by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen og Kim Christian Schrøder) Hva: Undersøkelse fra åtte land om hvordan sosiale medier påvirker folks tilgang til og engasjement med nyheter. Hvem: … Continue reading

Young voters, social media and political engagement

How are new media habits impacting political engagement among young voters? I’ve written (in Norwegian) about a Swedish research article with some interesting findings regarding political interest and engagement for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet   Hva: En ny, ambisiøs svensk studie ser på hvordan alder og medievaner påvirker politisk engasjement.  Hvem: Ungdommers politiske interesse blir positivt påvirket av sosiale … Continue reading

Norwegian researchers on social media

“Do you know if anyone has collected Norwegian research on social media?” That was a question I received on Twitter yesterday via a friend, and I’ve made a list to help.  For someone outside academia, it is hard to keep track of the research that exist, both because it is time-consuming to keep updated as … Continue reading