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Knocked out by the sun

This was just not my day. It started with me dreaming that I forgot my start number and chip as I was about to start the race, and ended up with me quitting the Brussels 20K, far away from the finishing line. The sun sucked all the energy out of my body, and it felt … Continue reading

Ich bin eine schnelle Berlinerin

1:52: 09. Place 6470 out of about 25 000 runners, and place 141 among women in my age group. That’s my numbers from the Berliner Halbmaraton this weekend. And just like last year, when I participated in my first proper race, Brussels 20k, I was very proud. Also when I did my second race, the … Continue reading

Running with a pink ribbon

I’m participating in the Berliner Halbmarathon this weekend (decided upon here), and I will run with a pink ribbon on my shoulder. I’ve made a donation to the Norwegian Cancer Society online, and have made my own bright pink ribbon for the occation. A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer some months ago, … Continue reading

An old friend with a new blog, a marathon and a poll

I’m always happy when I come across old friends that have started blogging or suddenly has a profile on Twitter (here is mine). Two days ago, I received a link from Ingvild Wedaa Tennfjord, a profiled Norwegian feature journalist in Dagbladet (portraits is her speciality) and at the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation, NRK.  She is always … Continue reading

Racing againg: Climbing the hills of Versailles

It really feels fantastic, finishing a race. This time it was the Paris-Versailles race (16K), my second (here I wrote about my first), and I finished at 1h30min, which I’m very happy about. Churchill has once said “I hate to write, but I love to have written”. I do understand what he means, and it … Continue reading