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Sarkozy’s “three-strikes-and-out” is OUT in EU

Good news for internet users – bad news for content providers (ex. IFPI and the recording industry). The French internet proposal to create a class of digital outcast, also called “three-strikes” (or graduated response) has been turned down by the EU, both the commission (Wednesday this week), and the parliament (September 24th). According to the … Continue reading

Stories to read

Bissy, bissy days, very little time to blog, unfortunatelly. But I’ve read lots of great stuff recently, and wants to share some of my favorite links. Recently, I wrote an article in Morgenbladet about a new law proposal that seems to make EU less transparent. While writing that article, I became aware of these two … Continue reading

Digital stream of consciousness

It is fascinated how your digital footsteps during a day brings your from one strange topic to another. The social bookmarking site del.icio.us is one kind a digital stream of consciousness, but since I don’t bookmark everything I read, here are some of the things I found on my way today. This is just hilarious … Continue reading