Norwegian researchers on social media

“Do you know if anyone has collected Norwegian research on social media?” That was a question I received on Twitter yesterday via a friend, and I’ve made a list to help. 

For someone outside academia, it is hard to keep track of the research that exist, both because it is time-consuming to keep updated as well as most people have limited access  to academic publications.

You can of course do regular searches at the University library’s website, but then you have to be very specific about what you are looking for, in addition to social media – otherwise you will end up with 236.846 articles…

Ida Aalen has recently written a terrific little book (in Norwegian) called (my translation): A short book about social media. It gives us an excellent overview of tons of social media research, and it is really helpful to get a good grasp of what we KNOW about social media, based on international (and Norwegian) academic publications.

En kort bok om sosiale medier

However, when it comes to Norwegian research on social media-related topics, I think it can be handy to list up some of the people who are working in the field, instead of listing up all their publications. Then you can check them up yourselves. And please let me know in the comments if I’ve forgotten someone (I’m sure I have), I will correct this list is as it is mainly from the top of my head. And sorry for not linking to everyone, it takes too much time. Google will find them for you.

My colleagues at IMK, University of Oslo:

  • Gunn Enli
  • Eli Skogerbø
  • Anders Larsson
  • Taina Bucher
  • Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk
  • Elisabeth Staksrud
  • Anders Fagerjord
  • Arnt Maasø
  • Terje Rasmussen
  • Anders Løvlie
  • Bente Kalsnes

Other from UiO:

Institute for Social Research:

  • Bernard Enjolras
  • Dag Wollebæk
  • Kari Steen-Johansen
  • Signe Bock Segaard


  • Lene Pettersen
  • Marika Lüders
  • Petter Bae Brandtzæg
  • Asbjørn Følstad
  • Cecilie Staude

University of Bergen

  • Jill Walker Rettberg
  • Hallvard Moe
  • Lars Nyre
  • Brita Ytre-Arne
  • Linda Elen Olsen


  • Ivar Eimhjellen


  • Arne Krokan
  • Berit Skog
  • Halvdan Haugsbakken

University of Tromsø

  • Anders Hauge Wien

I’m sure there are more, so help me update the list!

UPDATE: I’ve added names to the list based on your suggestions.

UPDATE 2: Here is the list on a Google Doc, feel free to update it. I haven’t included Master students in this list, so these are PhD candidates and beyond.

9 thoughts on “Norwegian researchers on social media

  1. This is wonderful – I’m going to spread this link far and wide 🙂

    Maybe we could make a working draft of it as a google document, so it’s easier to add links and keywords for their field of focus?

  2. Berit Skog på NTNU bør kanskje være med. Hun publiserer mye om Facebook bl.a

  3. Renate, I’m mainly listing people doing PhD and further, as it is so hard to keep track of the master students’ topics.

  4. Bente, I can understand that. That aside, this is still a great iniative. As a masterstudent I also think this is a good place for other masterstudents that’s interested in social media. If not for contribution, then for starting exploring the existing field and keeping up with who’s who and their field of research here in Norway. I’ll follow and share.

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