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One week before election 2.0 – new tools

No, I not talking about the upcoming elections in the Czech republic, the Maldives, Lithuania or in Zambia, which are also taking place really soon. I’m talking about “that one”, the American one. I’ve been following the Techpresident for a while, a great read for everyone interested in everything related to politics and technology, and … Continue reading

Yes, we can – watch politics at YouTube

Ah, I love the political pop videos on YouTube, like already famous Obama girl. Here is another one of Obame Girl vs. Guiliani Girl, and what about this prank🙂 All produced by Barely Political‘s crew with foxy ladies. And recently, it is getting even more absurd. Did you know that America could be staying in … Continue reading

Professors are nerding on YouTube

YouTube is of course not only for the singing nerds in the bedroom or French tecktonic dansers. Now, the professors have also entered our time’s MTV, and they have fans from all over the world. I must admit that I didn’t pay enough attention to my physic teacher at high school, but now I can … Continue reading