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Ten steps to Wiki Government

I’ve been accumulating a blogging backlog throughout this summer – having tons of ideas for blog posts, but little time to write. Well, some of the ideas and insights I wanted to share with you, is a brilliant list written by Beth Simone Noveck. I heard her at the Personal Democracy Forum conference in New … Continue reading

Diplopedia or how to share information in an organization

When American diplomats can share information in Diplopedia, why can’t Norwegian bureaucrates do the same? Or let information flow through the intrapedia (I don’t know if the word exists, but the idea is to combine an intranet with the wiki concept). Diplopedia is the U.S. State Department’s internal wiki (not open for the public), and … Continue reading

Time for wiki foreign policy?

Norwegian foreign policy as a wiki document? Would that be an intriguing idea? Open for contributions and editing from the audience? I do understand if some diplomats would bite their tongue off if reading this, and to be honest, I’m not sure how that would work out. But why not try it out? The reason … Continue reading